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  • Paper Pulping Machine (Hydrapulper D-Type)Our paper pulping machine is suitable for the intermittent or continuous pulping of OCC and waste paper. There is a special outlet for heavy impurities so that the machine may not be damaged by heavy metals during the process of discharging waste.
  • Drum PulperThe drum pulper is a pulping machine widely used in waste paper recycling and paper making industries. With reliable quality and competitive price, our drum pulper is very popular with customers from many countries, such as Thailand. The following is the detailed description of our product.
  • H.C. PulperH.C. Pulper can pulp waste paper at a consistency of 10 to 15%. Compared with low consistency pulper, the machine uses 25 to 30% less energy. It can also save power by 50% and chemicals by 20% during operation.
  • Impurity SeparatorBy adjusting the weir and the clearance between the impeller and screen plate, the quality and quantity of the pulp can be controlled.
    The separator can work together with pulper to remove light and heavy impurities, improving the production capacity of the pulping machine.
  • Drum Screen MachineOur ZST series drum screen machine is mainly composed of screen drum, vat, driving roller, inlet trough, and shower pipe. As the screen drum rotates, the stock is pushed forward. Then accepts and small impurities will enter the stock vat by the force of gravity ...
  • RaggerThe ragger is often used together with hydrapulper. It can twist various kinds of light impurities, such as iron wire, plastics and cotton yarn, into a strand rope. The rope will be dragged out of the pulper under the control of the ragger.
  • Cutting MachineDriven by the force of hydraulic piston, the knife of the cutting machine has large cutting force.
    The machine is of steady and compact structure, and it can operate stably under large load.
  • Grab BucketThe grab bucket is designed to grab large impurities from the well of remains left by the drum pulper. It is widely used in waste paper recycling and paper making fields. Featuring simple structure and easy operation, the grab bucket is well recognized by ...
  • Vertical HydrapulperThe vertical hydrapulper is manufactured to intermittently and continually pulp newspaper, magazines, books, pulp sheets, and so on. With easy and safe operation, the machine is widely used in waste paper recycling system and paper making industry.
  • Broke PulperThe paper stock enters the vat through the upper inlet and then is ejected at a high speed, forming fierce turbulence and generating large internal friction force in the vat. Under the action of this intensified force, the paper stock is defiberized.
  • Waste paper sorter, Bale BreakerThe drum screen adopts dry dedusting technique. It can not only greatly reduce labor force, but also improve the operational function of the subsequent equipment. As a result, the drum screen is highly favored by customers from various countries such as Ecuador.
  • M.C. Hydrapulper (with S-Type Rotor)The M.C. hydrapulper is designed with S-type rotor. It is used to pulp the paper with high wet strength, such as broken paper, grease proof paper, non-woven paper, coated paper, pulp sheet, recovered paper(waste paper), etc.
  • Chain ConveyorThe conveying system has the advantages of high conveying capacity, low power consumption, low abrasion, reliable operation and more. It is currently the most ideal special equipment among all waste paper conveyers in papermaking industry.
  • High Consistency CleanerThe high consistency cleaner can continuously remove heavy particles above Φ3mm from the pulp. The machine is normally installed after hydrapulper to be used as screening and purifying equipment. It can well guarantee the normal ...
  • Low Consistency CleanerZSC series low consistency cleaner is suitable for purifying all kinds of fiber suspension (density 0.4~1.2%). It can not only effectively remove impurities, hot melt materials, pulp residues, etc. from the paper pulp, but also clean foamed plastic, dust cork, ink particle and air off the pulp. ...
  • Centrifugal CleanerThe cleaner units are assembled in parallel and arranged vertically, resulting in easy installation and maintenance.
    The utilization of OK-type reject ...

FUJIAN LIGHT INDUSTRY MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. (FJLIME) is a major paper pulping machine manufacturer in China. Our major products include pulping equipment, deinking machine, disperser system, paper approach machine, and so on. Our products are commonly used to produce pulp, which are used before paper machine. To guarantee the superior quality of our pulp making products, we've established a rigorous management system and make our products in accordance with related international standards. As a result of our tireless efforts, we have been awarded ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates. Our quality products are highly recognized by customers from many countries including Pakistan, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, and more.

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