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Coarse Screen (Medium Consistency), ZSN Series

Coarse Screen (Medium Consistency), ZSN Series

The ZSN series medium consistency coarse screen has the feature of good adaptability with high production capacity. With high flow speed, it can offer high production efficiency. It is exceptionally suitable to be as coarse screen for recycling waste paper. The advantage of M.C. Coarse screen is to adopt the new design of sword-shaped rotor for saving energy. The new rotor structure is developed with application of fluid dynamics theory. 3D structure of rotor blades strengthens turbulence inside screen to promote rejects discharging efficiency, as well as to avoid pulp thickening. It also slows down linear speed of rotor to achieve high capacity. With the help of corrugated screen basket which aims at better performance and high throughput, the screen upflow design can save 30-60% power consumption and improve screening efficiency.

Structure Features
1. The coarse screen (medium consistency) combines cleaning and screening together. The stock enters the vat from the bottom. Then the stock is revolved by the drum and the heavy impurities will be instantly discharged from the outlet.
2. The rotor of the pulp screen machine in accepts side enables accepts to pass the screen plate with less resistance, resulting in higher throughput.
3. The machine can discharge heavy impurities continuously and intermittently, and discharge light impurities continuously.
4. The coarse screen (medium consistency) is of simple structure and easy operation and can be used as fiber separator.

Specifications of Coarse Screen
Model Max. Capacity (t/24h) Design Consistency (%) Hole Size (mm) Motor Power (KW)
ZSN61 30 ~ 60 3.5 Φ 1.4 ~ 2.4 30
ZSN62 50 ~ 100 37
ZSN63 80 ~ 160 45
ZSN64 105 ~ 200 55
ZSN65 125 ~ 240 75
ZSN66 155 ~ 300 90
ZSN67 185 ~ 360 110
ZSN68 210 ~ 400 110
ZSN69 260 ~ 500 132
ZSN70 315 ~ 600 160
ZSN71 365 ~ 700 185
ZSN72 420 ~ 805 200
ZSN73 470 ~ 905 220
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