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Drum Type Coarse Screen, ZSR Series

Drum Type Coarse Screen, ZSR Series

The ZSR series drum type coarse screen is a coarse screen for screening fibers of recovered paper and removing light or heavy impurities. It is suitable for waste paper recycle system to remove heavy impurity.

Design Features of Drum Type Coarse Screen
1. The paper screen combines the highly efficient cleaning with screening. The stock flows into the cylinder along the tangent direction from the bottom of the cylinder. Rotated by revolving basket, heavy impurities are removed from side reject outlet immediately and the stock is coarsely screened at the same time.
2. The rotor is fixed at the end of accepts in order to reduce the resistance of accepts passing through screen holes and increase the throughput per area unit of screen basket.
3. This drum type coarse screen discharges heavy impurities continuously or in batches.
4. It discharges light impurities continuously.
5. With its simple structure, the screening machine is easy for operating. With its simplified process, the machine brings in highly efficient screening.
6. It can replace the fiber separator.

Model Max. Capacity (t/24h) Design Consistency (%) Hole Size (mm) Motor Power (KW)
ZSR41 60 ~ 110 3.5 Φ 2.0 ~ 3.0 30
ZSR42 120 ~ 220 55
ZSR43 190 ~ 330 75
ZSR44 250 ~ 440 90
ZSR45 310 ~ 550 110
ZSR46 380 ~ 660 132
ZSR47 440 ~ 770 160
ZSR48 500 ~ 880 185
ZSR49 570 ~ 990 220
ZSR50 630 ~ 1100 250
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