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Low-Pulse Screen, ZSM Series

Low-Pulse Screen, ZSM Series

Low-pulse screen, ZSM series is a machine manufactured using advanced technology from Andritz-Ahlstrom. It is a key part of the paper approach system. This pulp screen is used to disperse fiber fillers, papermaking additives and make them fluidized. Additionally, it can screen out remaining impurities in the stock or from the broke system. Due to its reliable quality and economical price, our low-pulse screen is increasingly applied in the waste paper recycling, papermaking, screening, and other fields.

1. Our low-pulse screen features compact structure, high screening efficiency and low energy consumption.
2. The adoption of pulse-adjustable twin propeller rotor structure ensures smooth screening operation of our pulp screen.
3. The specially designed corrugated screen plate can produce ideal turbulent flow near the screen cut and always maintain a constant distance between the screen cylinder and rotor, enabling the rotor to better clean the screen frame and thus avoiding problems like pulp blocking or flocculating.
4. The specially designed accepts pipe located under the screen cylinder and rotor delivers screened accepts to the accepts outlet from all sides of the screen, resulting in low pulse and smooth delivery of accepts.
5. The utilization of high precision processing and special manufacturing techniques helps keep pulp consistency and prevent pulp lump.

Specifications of Low-Pulse Screen, ZSM Series
Model Max. Capacity (t/24h) Design Consistency (%) Inlet Pressure (MPa) Motor Power (KW)
ZSL91 15 ~ 20 0.5 0.05 ~ 0.5 11
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