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Paper Pulping Machine (Hydrapulper D-Type)

Paper Pulping Machine (Hydrapulper D-Type)

Our paper pulping machine is designed with D type screen plate so that it can avoid the blocking of screen hole. As this paper pulping machine has the advantages of large stroke force, fast speed and strong production capacity, it is widely used in waste paper recycling and papermaking industries. With reliable quality and reasonable price, our paper pulping equipment is favored by customers from many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Indonesia, among others.

Our paper pulping machine is suitable for the intermittent or continuous pulping of OCC and waste paper. There is a special outlet for heavy impurities so that the machine may not be damaged by heavy metals during the process of discharging waste.

Thanks to the machine's D-shaped vat, the way of generating vortex in the conventional pulper has been changed. The vortex is intensified so that the paper bale can be quickly soaked into the liquid. In this way, the pulping time is decreased and the production capability of the pulping machine can be improved.

Specifications of Paper Pulping Machine (Hydrapulper D-Type)
Model Capacity (t/24h) Effective Volume (m³) Rotor Diameter (mm) Rotor Type Stock Consistency (%) Hole Size (mm) Motor Power (KW)
ZDS80 60-70 10 Φ 850 Energy Saving
(P.S. Vokes)
4 ~ 5 Φ10 ~ 12 132
ZDS81 100-120 15 Φ 1000 160
ZDS82 130-170 20 Φ 1150 200
ZDS83 180-220 25 Φ 1300 250
ZDS84A 230-270 30 Φ 1500 280
ZDS84 270-300 35 Φ 1700 315
ZDS85 300-350 40 Φ 1700 355
ZDS86 360-45 50 Φ 1950 450
ZDS87 430-550 60 Φ 2150 560
ZDS88 530-660 70 Φ 2300 630
ZDS89 600-700 80 Φ 2450 710
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