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Pulp Screen of Paper Making Machine

  • Low-Pulse Screen, ZSM SeriesLow-pulse screen, ZSM series is a machine manufactured using advanced technology from Andritz-Ahlstrom. It is a key part of the paper approach system. This pulp screen is used to disperse fiber fillers, papermaking additives and make them fluidized. Additionally, it can screen out remaining ...
  • Coarse Screen (Medium Consistency), ZSN SeriesThe machine can discharge heavy impurities continuously and intermittently, and discharge light impurities continuously.
    The coarse screen (medium consistency) is of simple structure and easy operation and can be used as fiber ...
  • Upflow Pressure ScreenThe upflow pressure screen can make light impurities and the air in the stock naturally go up to the outlet, while the heavy impurities deposit in the bottom and then be discharged, which greatly reduces the friction of the rotor and screen frame.
  • Pressure Screen (Outflow Type), ZSR SeriesThe screen frame is of high strength, so its service life is long.
    The rotor's special design makes it easy to clean the screen slot.
    The impact time of the pulse is extended to ensure continuous operation of the machine.
  • Pressure Screen (Inflow Type), ZSL Series The pressure screen (inflow type), ZSL Series is more suitable to be used as a screening tool with pulp consistency lower than 1.2%. Its performance can promote the paper machine to be in proper running with less broken paper.
  • Fiber Separator, ZSF SeriesThe ZSF series fiber separator is mainly used for separating long and short fiber during pulp screening. It can also be used as pulp screening equipment by controlling the rate of discharging rejects. Under the pressure, the stock enters into the screen cylinder along the tangential direction from the bottom.
  • Horizontal Pressure ScreenThe horizontal pressure screen is suitable for screening of waste paper pulp and other kinds of pulp with consistency ranging from 1.5 to 3 percent. The use of closed rotor helps our screen achieve better screening effect, and thus it is widely used in waste paper recycling and paper making industries.
  • Rejects ScreenDue to our tireless efforts, our rejects screen is high quality and can keep fiber loss to a minimum. As a result, it is extensively used in waste paper recycling, paper making fields, and is very popular with customers from Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, among other countries.
  • Fiber Separator, ZDF SeriesThe product picture here is our ZSL series fiber separator, which can be used to defiberize stock and remove all kind of impurities. Featuring great reliability and high efficiency, this product is widely used in the waste paper recycling, paper making ...
  • Vibrating Screen, ZSK SeriesIt is used for coarse screening of various kinds of pulp, like chemical pulp, semi chemical pulp, mechanical pulp and waste paper pulp. It can also be used for fiber recovery from rejects and tailings in the pressure screen and separator.
  • Light Impurity Separator, ZSQ Series Light impurity separator can handle the tailings of coarse screen, which can disperse stock and remove impurity. The machine is widely used in waste paper recycling system and paper making industry.
  • Rejects Sorter, ZTS SeriesThe stock enters the rejects sorter under normal pressure. By the centrifugal force of the rotating rotor, accepted stock is separated from rejects when passing the screen plate. In the meantime, under the function of rotor's rotation force, rejects are being rotation disintegrated and continuously ...
  • Drum Type Coarse Screen, ZSR SeriesThe ZSR series drum type coarse screen is a coarse screen for screening fibers of recovered paper and removing light or heavy impurities. It is suitable for waste paper recycle system to remove heavy impurity.
  • Combisorter, ZSM SeriesThe ZSM series combisorter is used to screen impurities in pulp. It acts as a tailing screen of coarse screen in pulp preparation system, or functions as a reject sorter from fiber separator. It is one of the most advanced equipment sets with multi-function rejects screening for cleaner production and yield increase.

Welcome to our website! This page shows you our range of pulp screen of paper making machine, including coarse screen (medium consistency), upflow pressure screen, vibrating screen, and more. These products are typically used to remove impurities with large size and low density, such as fiber bundles, grass bits and so on.

Established in 1969, we are an experienced pulp screen manufacturer, located in China. To improve the quality of our products, we continually introduce advanced technologies and equipment. In addition, we also offer a one-year warranty on our products so that customers can feel secure in their purchase.
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