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Fiber Separator, ZSF Series

Fiber Separator, ZSF Series

The ZSF series fiber separator is mainly used for separating long and short fiber during pulp screening. It can also be used as pulp screening equipment by controlling the rate of discharging rejects. Under the pressure, the stock enters into the screen cylinder along the tangential direction from the bottom. The heavy impurities are discharged from the collecting box of heavy impurities on the bottom of the fiber separator so as to prevent the rotor and screen basket from wearing and being damaged.

The stock flows into the screening zone of fiber separator. Affected by different pressure between the inner and outer of screen basket as well as moving energy, short fiber flows into the accept zone through screen slot. Affected by the self-washing created by the rotating of the rotor, the long fiber and light impurities held up by screen basket are discharged through the outlet at the top of the screen, which results in separating the long and short fibers as well as improving the efficiency of screening.

The advantage of fiber separator is to adopt the new design of sword-shaped rotor for saving energy. The new rotor structure is developed with application of fluid dynamics theory. 3D structure of rotor blades strengthens turbulence inside screen to promote rejects discharging efficiency, as well as to avoid pulp thickening. It also slows down linear speed of rotor to achieve high capacity.

Model Max. Capacity (t/24h) Design Consistency (%) Slot Size (mm) Motor Power (KW)
ZSF52 30 ~ 50 2.5 0.15 ~ 0.25 30
ZSF53 40 ~ 70 37
ZSF54 50 ~ 85 45
ZSF55 60 ~ 105 55
ZSF56 75 ~ 130 75
ZSF57 100 ~ 175 90
ZSF58 130 ~ 220 110
ZSF59 155 ~ 265 132
ZSF60 180 ~ 305 160
ZSF61 210 ~ 350 185
ZSF62 235 ~ 395 200
ZSF63 260 ~ 440 220
ZSF64 310 ~ 530 280
ZSF65 365 ~ 615 315
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