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Pulp Bleaching Tower

Pulp Bleaching Tower

The pulp bleaching tower is specially offered for bleaching ground wood pulp and other pulp through the employment of high concentration hydrogen peroxide. The pyramidal structure for the pulp bleaching equipment effectively prevents the pulp from blocking.

Additionally, the special internal structure ensures the uniformly pulp dropping, which results in consistent bleaching time. There is special device designed at the bottom of the high concentration bleaching tower to dilute the pulp, which simplifies the manufacturing process, accordingly.

Technical Parameters of Pulp Bleaching Tower
Model ZPT15 ZPT30 ZPT50 ZPT80 ZPT100 ZPT150 ZPT200
Nominal Water Capacity 15 30 50 80 100 150 200
Pulp Consistency 25-30
Bleaching Temperature 60-70°C
Bleaching Time 60-90
Motor Power 7.5 11×2 15×2 22×2 22×3 37×2 45×2
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