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Disperser System of Paper Making Machine

  • Roll Type DisperserThe roll type disperser is energy efficient, low priced, easy to maintain and doesn't damage the fibers during operation. Hence, it is widely used in the waste paper recycling, papermaking industries, and is favored by customers in Pakistan, Vietnam, Ecuador, and other countries.
  • Disc Disperser (with Double Hydraulic Cylinder Drive)The ZDR series disc disperser comes with double hydraulic cylinder drive. It is used for handling the impurities in waste paper, such as hot melt material, adhesive material, asphalt and ink etc. Under the conditions of high temperature and high consistency, the visible fine impurities, which cannot be removed in the preceding procedure...
  • Disc Disperse SystemThe disc disperse system is widely used in the waste paper recycling and paper making fields.
    The disc disperse system is designed with flexible inlet and outlet connection. The machine features good function of dispersing and can improve the quality of pulp.
  • Disc Disperser (with Single Hydraulic Cylinder Drive)As a paper processing machine, the disc disperser comes with single hydraulic cylinder drive considered as one of the most advanced structure types. Adopting single hydraulic drive can solve sealing problem of main shaft on the paper machinery.

Disperser system is mainly used to remove impurities from fibers. Through steam heating and intensified turbulence, it can soften various kinds of impurities, such as plastics and ink, into small particles that are invisible to naked eyes. These parts may be evenly scattered in the pulp or discharged by further flotation

Our disperser system of paper making machine is widely used in paper making industry. We have two kinds of disperser system, namely roll type disperser and disc disperser (with double hydraulic cylinder drive). You can click to their pages if you need their detailed information.

We are a major disperser system manufacturer, located in China. By manufacturing in strict accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and utilizing enterprise resources effictively, we ensure product quality and reduce our costs. This is why we are able to provide reliable and economic products for customers in Pakistan, Ecuador, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the philippines, Russia, Vietnam, etc.

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