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Auxiliary Pulping Equipment

  • Propeller AgitatorThe propeller agitator is designed for storing and compound circulation of stock. The machine is widely used in waste paper recycling and paper making industries.
    The propeller agitator is of simple structure, easy operation, low power consumption, large circulation amount and high rotation speed.
  • Medium Consistency MixerThe direction of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted according to specific process requirements. The medium consistency mixer features simple and reliable structure and small size. Thus, it is highly favored by customers worldwide, especially in the Philippines.
  • Centrifugal Vacuum PumpThe centrifugal vacuum pump is widely used in pulp and papermaking process. It features compact structure, small size, low power consumption and low noise.
  • Rosin Saponifying PotThe rosin saponifying pot is the auxiliary pulping equipment used for saponifying and emulsion of rosin in waste paper recycling and paper making industries. The discharge valve is controlled manually.

Auxiliary pulping equipment is used to assist the smooth process of pulping. It includes propeller agitator, medium consistency mixer, centrifugal vacuum pump, and more. Industry Machinery&Equipment Company is an ISO9001 certified pulping equipment manufacturer in China. We can offer a whole set of pulping machines to suit all your requirements.

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