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Double Disc Refiner

Double Disc Refiner

The double disc refiner is an ideal piece of pulping equipment, which is widely used in waste paper recycling system and paper making industry.

The double disc refiner features compact structure, high work efficiency, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Specifications of Double Disc Refiner
Model Disc Diameter Disc Rotating Speed Stock Pipe Diameter Inlet Consistency Capacity Inlet Pressure Motor Type Motor Power
ZDP12 Ø350 960RPM 2× Ø65 2.5-5% 150-1000kg/h 0.15-0.2MPa Y250M-6 37KW
ZDP12A Ø380
ZDP11 Ø450 300-1600kg/h 0.15-0.3MPa Y315M2-6 Y280-6 90KW 110KW
ZDP14 Ø450 200-1600kg/h 0.15-0.3MPa Y315S-6 110KW
ZDP13 Ø500 Inflowing through two pipes Ø90,Ø125, Inflowing in seriesØ125 3-5% 15-300t/d 0.15-0.2MPa Y315M-6 Y355M-6 160KW 185KW
ZDP13A Ø550 Y355M-6 220KW
ZDP13B Ø600 Y355M-6 Y355L-6 250KW 280KW
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