Low Consistency Cleaner

Low Consistency Cleaner

ZSC series low consistency cleaner is suitable for purifying all kinds of fiber suspension (density 0.4~1.2%). It can not only effectively remove impurities, hot melt materials, pulp residues, etc. from the paper pulp, but also clean foamed plastic, dust cork, ink particle and air off the pulp. In addition, our low consistency cleaner can screen out the coarse residue from the waste paper pulp, which greatly simplifies the operation procedure, thus reducing power consumption.

Our low consistency cleaner is primarily composed of tangent stock inlet, accepts outlet, upper cylinder segment with a plug-in deaeration tube, middle cone separate tube segment, and nozzle or reject discharge control segment.

1. Compared with similar products, our low consistency cleaner features longer separate section and deaeration tube, and consequently, achieves better efficiency.
2. It operates stably and eliminates blocking problem, resulting in consistent pulp quality.
3. This pulp cleaner is competitively priced and long lasting.
The above features have made our low consistency cleaner very popular with customers from Ecuador, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Indonesia, etc.

Working Principle
Our low consistency cleaner is a hydrocyclone cleaner. The stock under certain pressure enters the cleaner in the tangential direction and generates high-speed vortex in the cone separate tube, during which, the heavy impurities are thrown against the wall of the cleaner and discharged from the nozzle or reject controller, the accepts gather at the center of separate tube to form main flow and discharged from the upper accepts outlet, and under radial pressure the light impurities and bubbles are forced into the center of the vortex and ejected from the plug-in tube .

Specifications of Low Consistency Cleaner
Model ZSC41 ZSC42 ZSC43
Through put (L/min) 600
Inlet consistency (%) 0.4~1.2
Pressure of inlet pulp (MPa) 0.2~0.3
Discharge pressure (MPa) 0.06
Pressure drop (MPa) 0.16
Reject ratio (%) 10~20 10~20 10~20
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