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Pulp Thickener of Paper Making Machine

  • Twin-Wire Press WasherThe twin-wire press washer features lengthened pressure section, increased pressure difference, higher thickening ratio and stable outlet consistency (28% to 32%). The wedge-shaped dewatering filter plate and double pressing roll unit combine to dewater, giving the press washer the advantages ...
  • Inclined Screw ThickenerThe inclined screw thickener is used for thickening and washing all kinds of pulp, especially waste paper pulp. It can be used together with screw pulp press washer to reach the consistency required by the disperser. With the advantages of simple structure, large production capacity ...
  • Disc ThickenerDisc thickener is compact and efficient.
    The disc sector is welded by stainless steel so that it has good resistance to corrosion and is easy to take apart.
  • High Speed Washer / ThickenerThe high speed washer / thickener is used to wash and thicken deinking stock like waste newspaper pulp, account book paper pulp, office waste paper pulp etc., which can remove very small impurities, such as ink and padding, from the pulp.
  • Drum ThickenerThe drum thickener is used for washing and thickening low consistency stock in waste paper recycling and paper making industries.
    The machine has the features of simple structure, easy operation and repair, good function of ...
  • Two Stage Pulp WasherThe two stage pulp washer is mainly applied in waste paper recycling system and paper making industry. It is suitable to wash and thicken waste paper pulp and other types of pulp, especially waste paper deinking pulp. The machine can thicken pulp with the consistency of 0.55 percent into ...
  • Screw Pulp Press WasherThe screw pulp press washer is mainly used in waste paper recycling and paper making industries. With reliable quality, easy operation and simple maintenance, this press washer is very popular with customers from many countries, like Pakistan and the Philippines, to name a few.
  • Multi-Disc FilterThe multi-disc filter is widely used in waste paper recycling system and paper making industry.
    Through the filtering of white water, the recycling rate of fibers is pretty high.
  • Disc Thickener, ZNZ SeriesThe ZNZ series disc thickener is a vacuum multi-disc machine without water leg. It is applied for washing and thickening of various L.C. pulps. The product features its de-watering type similar to pump suction, so as to banish rigorous requirements on water leg installation by a traditional thickening machine.
  • Twin Wire Press, ZSW SeriesThe ZSW series twin wire press is applied for thickening and dewatering chemical wood pulp, old corrugated cartons, waste paper pulp and more. It adopts double cylinders to press and dehydrate well, so as to stably produce H.C. pulp.
  • Twin Screw PressThe twin screw press, also called double spiral squeezer, is applied for black liquor extraction and thickening and de-watering of wood pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp, cotton stalk pulp, wheat straw pulp and waste paper pulp etc.
  • Inclined Screw Conveyor (Sedimator), ZTZ SeriesThe ZTZ series inclined screw conveyor, also called sedimator, applies for processing heavy rejects discharged from H.C. cleaners and all screens, such as sand, nails, glass, stone and metal particles. It consists of the guiding device, drive device and other components.
  • Belt Filter Press / Thickener (for Sludge Handling System)The belt filter press is a kind of thickener for sludge handling system. It is a sludge dehydrator that transforms the processed sludge from low consistency to high consistency. Sludge is gradually dehydrated in different areas by means of gravity dewatering, wedge dewatering, swing dewatering, cut dewatering and other methods.

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